Be the lightning in the night with L’Oreal’s Electric Nights Palette

L'Oreal Electric Lights palette lid and colors

I saw the new L’Oréal Paris Electric Nights Palette in November. The palette is part of the Christmas 2019 collection. The selection of beautiful products includes lipstick, lip pencil, two mascaras, matte lipsticks, liquid eyeliners, illuminator for face and body. But what immediately grabbed my glitter-obsessed heart was the Paris Electric Nights Snow Globe Palette.

Yes, the packaging got me. And I don’t know why… I’ve seen similar palettes by other brands, but this one. Oh my god, it was like the perfect little makeup snow globe miracle.

The palette is like autumn in your hand. Warm, bright autumn colors with a golden snow globe lid. Dancing stars and golden glitters. Every time I see a snow globe, I want to shake it. Just to see the small white snowflakes dance their little dance. Slowly falling to the ground. I can’t help it. Like a cat, shiny objects easily distract me.

So, I ordered and waited.

The palette

L'Oreal Electric Lights palette

Three days later the palette came. It’s truly a beauty.

Small silver stars and hexagons, together with golden and red glitters come to life every time you open and close the palette.

Small, compact, stylish. Sturdy packaging, great size. Nine bright, autumn colors.

The good quality mirror is perfect and big enough to do your face and everyday makeup. Or, maybe, if you have a short trip with baggage limits this palette can be your one palette to take. (Ah, I know no one is going nowhere right now, but in November, when I wrote this, I was still in a happy pre-the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named mood).

When you stop messing with the palette’s packaging and turn it, you…

Oh, I’m sorry. I was shaking the palette and got distracted. I mean, a sea of silver little stars in a golden glitter going up and down. How can I not be?

So, when you turn the palette you have all the ingredients. Made in Italy (Oh, yes, hello quality eyeshadow!*) and if you peel the top, you’ll find the color names.

Love the color names, from top left to right: almost sunrise, zero regrets, electric, vendredi, rouge neon, burning flame, all day party, soiree escape, night whispers.

L'Oreal Electric Lights palette  color names

The eye shadows

You get nine big pans with 2 grams each, so 18 grams of beautiful colors.

The brown, pink, and orange are daring you to use them! Three of the colors are mattes, the other five have small glitters.

All nine colors are very pigmented, soft, and easily applied with a brush. Or my fingers. I like to mix things. I don’t get a lot of fall out after, but after all, it’s makeup. I don’t have a problem with fall out if the shadows are worth it.

They don’t crease or fade on my eyelids (note: The dark blue/purple, orange, and dark red are very saturated and can stain the skin, even after a good cleanse. This is typical for red and purple shadows, because of an ingredient, called carmine. Just so you know.).

L'Oreal Electric Lights palette swatches

The look

Well, well, well.

The makeup look is awesome.

Going with the light champagne (marked with P) color over the upper eyelid, and the dark purple (S) like eyeliner on the lower.

Or, with the dark purple (S) like a soft eyeliner on the upper eyelid. It’s lighter than a regular black liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, so great for a day look.

And sometimes I go full autumn on my eyes, playing with the colors of the palette.

L'Oreal Paris Electric Nights palette with swatches


I think this is a beautiful palette, every makeup lover would be happy to use. It has many makeup looks in it, perfect for every occasion. The perfect small palette for the road, for every day, or for a fancy night. If you need more reasons, let me help:

*attractive packaging, with no annoying fingerprints left after you use it

*big, comfy mirror

*good price-quality ratio

*pigmented colors in big, wide pans

*for every day, or for a party night

Even if I’m not using it every day this packaging simply makes me smile when I look at it.

And I do use it regularly, so my other palettes are crying softly in the corner (just kidding, my palettes are in the drawer).

If you plan a fun party night you will be stunning with this palette. You’ll be the lightning in the night with L’Oréal Paris Electric Nights Palette.

A small rant on the small palettes subject here… When I first saw the palette, I got a Huda small palette vibe. You know, the Huda Beauty Obsession palettes. I was obsessed with those. They looked so magical, and with Huda’s big palettes quality, I assumed the small ones are perfect too. Wrong… When I finally got to Sephora to try them I was a little disappointed. Yes, they were pigmented but not as I expected.

I found them a little too hard and too patchy. But, ok, it happens I said to myself. I wanted one, I made the trip to Sephora (still not one in my city, and no Sephora online shopping for Bulgaria, so…).

I should just buy one. Before heading to pay, however, out of habit, I turn to see the ingredients and made in… Made in China. I didn’t expect that! Sorry, but since it’s a pricey mini palette, I would like it to be at least made in Italy, as well as the big palettes of the brand. I was disappointed, I admit, and I left the palette. Since then, I always have doubts about the small palettes of the big brands. End of the rant. Thanks for reading.

That’s my opinion of the products I have purchased and tried. Whether you agree or not is your right. But remember, we are all different, and the perfect product for one may not work for another. So don’t be afraid to give a product a try and decide for yourself.

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